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Our Honey Milk Adjustable Necklace was made in the inspiration of the honey bees for National Honey Bee Day 2021! Despite the name of this necklace, don't worry, real milk and honey was not used for the making of this product! If you are not familiar with the holiday, it is a day where beekeepers, beekeeping clubs, and many others across the United States show their appreciation of honey bees and what they have contributed for us in the passed many years. Here is our way of showing OUR appreciation for these ever hard working species! This pastel yellow and white resin adjustable necklace is great as a gift for holidays and birthdays! 


Our Honey Milk Adjustable Necklace is the perfect resin jewelry match to our Honey Milk Resin Ring. Its tear drop shape sits wonderfully on you to give a subtle but elegant addition to your outfit. The white cord is waxed cotton and can be adjustable up to 23 inches! The ring that holds the pendant is stainless steel. Just simply pull the two sliding knots or two tails away from each other to tighten them or pull the cord from each side to loosen them.



Honey Milk Adjustable Necklace

$14.00 Regular Price
$10.50Sale Price
  • Please keep in mind, as these are resin pieces, each item may vary in design and/or from the picture. 

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